I’m Ismail Hakkı Aydın, but sometimes I call it “iha”, using his initials for abbreviation. I was born in 1994 in the beautiful province of Turkey called Green Bursa. I always wondered if I could add movement to something, and I got into Computer Engineering at Dumlupinar University. Here, I chose to be an Android Developer, impressed by the fact that we give commands to the tools we touch and that those devices go into our pockets and always stay in touch. While I want to progress in my own projects, I am trying to learn new technologies and at the same time I am trying to integrate them into my own projects by learning the backend development processes, and I am trying to integrate my projects with nicaea Labs. 

In addition to my work and personal work life, I travel by making plans to explore and spend time in historical places, to see and learn new cultures. Besides traveling, I snowboard in Uludag, one of Turkey’s national parks, which is visible when we look up from Green Bursa.

With love and respect
Ismail Hakki Aydin

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